TheLounge (Web3. Platform project)


About the project

This project is to build up a community to help emploees who works on the big tech companies.

August 2, 2022
My Role
Product Designer Visual Designer

About the project

This project is to build up a community to help employees who works on the big tech companies.

Product Goals

Meet people like youThe only private membership network focused on connecting and supporting verified high performers.Connect with a high performers from diverse backgrounds, industries, and organizations — from Fortune 50 companies to successful startups.

Business Goals

Community is more than just a feeling of belonging. In the context of business, it’s a structure for creating value. A simple way to understand it is to compare “community” to an “audience.”To build a community, you help people help each other.It’s a subtle but massive difference in mindset. Traditionally, businesses create all the value for the consumer. Community-driven businesses create spaces for consumers to create value for each other.The amount of content and value that’s created isn’t limited by a single creator’s time and resources; it’s limited only by the motivation and ability of the community to contribute.

Target Audience

Our target audience is those aged from 25 to 35 who worked in a tech company in North America. They work as Soft Engineer, Product Designer and Product Manager.


I need to handle the entire design project and make design decisions by myself. I have researched user needs and pain points in order to solve them, and I have also built a community to help employees of big tech companies connect with each other. Additionally, I provide pre-qualified job opportunities to help users easily transition to new jobs or develop their careers. Through this process, I have learned how to collaborate effectively and manage design projects on my own.